Ways to Remember a Beloved Horse

The bonds humans form with horses are often extremely strong – perhaps even more significant than with other animals. This close connection between horse and human means that, sadly, when your beloved companion passes away, it's a very difficult time.

Although there's no way to stop the loss of a horse from being painful, there are a few things you can do to make things a little bit easier to deal with. One of them is to make sure you do something significant to remember your equine friend. Here are some ideas to help you plan.

Hold a small memorial

In most cases, people have horses cremated. The event of the cremation, or the return of your horse's ashes, is a great time to have a small, informal service. You can either invite some family or close friends to join you or do it on your own, but remember that you may need some support because during such an emotional moment.

If you choose to scatter your horse's ashes, combining this with the memorial makes it more significant and memorable, and you can gather at a place you used to ride the horse, or at their field. There are plenty of things you can do as part of the memorial: share some of your favourite memories, read a poem, or say some prayers. Make it personal by doing whatever feels right.

Create a special place at home

If you've chosen to keep your horse's ashes, you can create a small memorial at home where you can go to spend time reflecting. If you've scattered the ashes, you can use other items for the same effect.

Things like your horse's saddle and some photographs are a good way to dedicate an area to your horse's memory. You can display them alongside the urn if you've kept the horse's ashes, or on their own if the ashes have been scattered.

Some crematorium operators will arrange to get a clipping of the horse's hair, which can either be kept safe with your other mementoes or even turned into jewellery or a decorative object.

Give to a relevant charity

A nice way to turn this sad event into something positive is to donate to a horse-related charity, either as a one-off gift or as a standing monthly payment. It helps you to feel like you're giving something back.

If you're not in a position where you can afford to donate money, you may find an organisation where you can volunteer your time. This also allows you to spend time with other horses, which can be comforting.